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Buy Here Pay Here: Miami’s Best Way to Get a Car

If you live in the city of Miami and are looking to purchase a car, then you’ve got a great option available to you. One of the most hassle-free ways to purchase a car these days is to take advantage of the system known as “buy here pay here” in Miami. What started as a small sector of dealerships a few years ago has boomed into one of the most popular modes of purchasing a car. If you are interested in buying a car without all the red tape, then this is the way to go. Below is an overview of the buy here and pay here option.


buy here pay here Miami

The quality that sets buy here dealerships from other dealership is that these types of dealerships not only allow you to purchase a car from them, but they are also the ones that extend financing to you. The financing can either be extended from the dealership itself or from private financers that world solely with the dealership’s customers. The extension of a line of credit to you when you buy a car allows the purchase process to be very simplified and easy to attain.

Very Little Paperwork

One of the greatest disadvantages of traditional dealership is that not only do you need to deal with the dealership itself, but you also need to contact a separate financer for your car. This can take time and the passing of paperwork can be a pain. Rather than deal with this inefficient option, you can simply work with the dealership itself when you use the buy here pay here option.. Those that work at the dealership are usually very prone to helping you with all of your questions and they also maintain very flexible terms.

Low Interest Rates and Preconditions

In addition to very little paperwork, you’ll so fine that these types of dealerships also cater to individuals with low or non-existing credit scores. The only precondition that you really need to meet is that you have proof of a job that pays. By satisfying this requirement, you’ll show that you are able to make the loan payments. The loan payments themselves tend to have low and competitive interest rates so you can be sure that you are getting one of the best deals out there. Just keep in mind that when you go to this type of dealership, it is best to know exactly what you are looking for so you can make sure that the process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

The Real Story On Bad Credit Loans and Car Buying

The need to purchase a new or used car can occur at any time. And it doesn’t matter if you are financially stable enough to buy a new vehicle, or if your credit is good or bad, when you need a car, you need one right then. While many individuals who have poor credit may wonder if it is even worth filling out a loan application, the truth is there are plenty of options out there for drivers who have poor credit history. The only catch is that they are limited to borrowing up to a certain amount, and they typically have to pay a higher interest rate than a borrower with good credit.

How to Get An Auto Loan with Bad Credit or No Credit

bad credit loans

If you have bad credit and are in need of a car, do not think that your financial outlook is hopeless just yet. While you may not be able to get the brand new car of your dreams, it is still possible to get into a reliable car for a decent price that will get you back on the road safely until you can afford to do otherwise. There are auto lenders available that will work with you, regardless of your credit history as long as you have a reliable source of income and are willing to pay a slightly higher interest rate in exchange for a reasonable auto loan. You still have the freedom to shop around and find the best auto lender that will provide you with the most reasonable terms. Even though your options may be limited due to your credit situation, at least you still have some options to consider, which is much better than having no financial options at all.

Bad Credit Loans are a Good Option For You

There are some bad credit loans that include sketchy details and may try to trap you into paying unreasonable rates. That is why you need to compare your options and read into the terms of the loan before you make a final decision. Go with an auto lending company that is reliable and well-known in the area. This will help to ensure that there are no surprises along the way and you will know upfront what you will be expected to pay each month. Getting a loan with bad credit does not have to be a stressful situation. As long as you meet all the qualifications of the deal, you can get the money that you need in order to get back on the road once more.

How Strong is the Miami Economy?

Over the past several years, the Miami economy has seen a significant amount of improvement. While it has slowed down after quickly rising between 2011 and 2012, the outlook for Miami’s economy looks promising for the coming years. For the majority of Miami’s past, its economy has been primarily based on tourism. This southern location brings in millions of tourists every year from all over the nation and throughout the world. While tourism is still the top provider in Miami, the economy has now become more diverse as trade is becoming more vital to the area. Since it is close to the Caribbean and Latin America, Miami is easily the center of international trade for these areas. In fact, it is estimated that nearly $50 million in total merchandise trade goes through the Miami Customs District each year.

Miami economy

News For The Labor Force & Employment

The labor force for Miami-Dade County is one of the state’s largest, numbering more than 1.1 million employees. The major advantage for many workers in the area is the fact that there is a large number of bi-lingual and Spanish-speaking workers who help to contribute to the expansion of international operations. This helps to open up an abundance of new job opportunities for individuals who fall into that category. The largest employers for Miami include the Miami-Dade County Public School District, the Federal Government, Florida State Government, and Jackson Memorial Hospital & Health Systems.

Miami’s Economic Strengths & Weaknesses

There are several factors that effect Miami’s economy. The city’s strong ties to Latin America make it the ideal spot for International companies to grow. Miami also has a luxurious appeal that attracts wealthy consumers from all over the world. The International trade market for Miami looks promising for many years to come and the well-developed shipping and distribution set up helps to ensure that Miami’s economy will remain stable.

Weaknesses that could hurt the state of the Miami economy include the high number of debt per household, congested roads and airport issues, and the industrial structure that can leave the economy open or business cycle downturns. While there are some disadvantages present, the good certainly outweighs the bad when it comes to Miami’s financial future. Overall Miami’s economy seems to be recovering from the recent downfall. However, low-income jobs continue to grow, which is preventing the economy from getting back on track where it was at decades ago.

Auto Financing: How to Win the Game

The auto loan industry is filled with excellent opportunities for drivers, however it also contains negative factors such as high interest rates and strict credit requirements. If you want to win the auto financing game, you will need to know how to shop around for the best possible car loan that will suit your needs. It can be tricky when you do not understand all the terms involved and you could possibly miss out on a great deal if you fail to compare lenders. If you are thinking about getting an auto loan and are overwhelmed by the terms that are involved, here are a few tips that may make the process much easier and allow you to get a great deal at the same time.

Stay on top of your Credit Score

Anytime you go to apply for a loan, you will need to provide the lender with your credit information. Your credit score will play a huge role in the rate that you will pay for your loan, and whether or not you will be approved. While this may be common information for anyone who has ever applied for a loan in the past, a first-time car buyer may not understand just how important their credit score really is. A high credit score will help you get a car loan for a low rate, while a poor or bad credit score will require you to pay a higher rate, and could cause you to be disqualified for a loan altogether. It is best to stay on top of your credit score by checking it, as well as your credit report, on a regular basis. It is a good idea to do your car loan shopping within a 14 day period, that is because some credit scoring companies will penalize you if there are too many inquiries showing up on your credit history. Most financial experts recommend checking your credit report at least once a year for issues. If there is anything on your credit report that you do not recognize, you will want to report this unusual activity, especially if it has a negative effect on your overall credit score.

Get Pre-Approved for Auto Financing

Another way to help ensure that you get the best possible deal on an auto loan is to get pre-approved. This lets you know exactly how much car you can afford and gives you an idea of what type of interest rates to expect. There are several ways to get pre-approved for an auto loan. You can visit your local bank, go to another financial institution, or get pre-approved by filling out an application online. Even if you do not have good credit, you can still get pre-approved for a car loan by agreeing to pay a higher interest rate or asking someone to co-sign the loan for you.

The Best Selling Cars In Miami

Miami is a popular tourist town where the residents are as prestigious as the cars that they drive. Style and reliability go hand in hand when it comes to top-selling cars in the area. Like many major cities in the United States, Miami has seen a rise in car sales in recent years as the economy slowly tries to recover. Recent reports have shown that more car owners in Miami prefer to drive foreign cars over American models. In fact, nearly 86 percent of all cars sold in the last quarter of 2013 were foreign brands.

What is the Largest Selling Category of New Cars Sold in Miami?

cars in Miami

Currently, the largest selling category or type of car sold in Miami would have to be the compact SUV. These vehicles are ideal for twenty-somethings and adventurous families alike. Best selling models in this category include the Lexus RX350 with more than 600 total sales in the last quarter of 2013. It was followed by the Nissan Rogue, the Jeep GR Cherokee, the Mercedes-Benz G series, the Hyundai Santa Fe, and the Honda Pilot.

Which Cars Were Best Selling in the Compact Car Category?

The best selling compact cars in Miami include the industry favorite Toyota Corolla with second place going to the Honda Civic. These cars were among the top 20 best selling cars in the nation with the Corolla leading first among all other car categories with 1,468 in sales. Other compact cars that are top sellers in Miami include the Nissan Sentra, Volkswagen Jetta, and the Chevrolet Cruze.

What are Miami’s Top Selling Luxury Cars?

The fourth largest car category in Miami is made up of near luxury cars which is led by the BMW 3 Series that had a total of 888 sales, ranking it fifth among all other car categories. It was followed by the Lexus ES 350 and the Infiniti G37. The top seller in luxury cars in Miami is the Mercedes-Benz 250 Series.

Hybrids and Other Top Selling Vehicles

Top selling car models in other categories for Miami include the Mini Mini subcompact car, the Land Rover Range Rover full-size SUV, the Ford F-Series full-size pickup truck, and the Honda Odyssey mini van. Other specialty cars include the Porsche 911, the Chevrolet Camaro, and the Tesla Tesla topped the list for large cars. The best selling hybrids included the Toyota Prius, the Chevrolet Volt, and the Ford Fusion, with the Lexus CT200H and the ES300 also making the list.

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